Town of Pineville: Government Services

Project Details

Fryday & Doyne collaborated directly with the Town of Pineville’s Citizen Service Departments, Town Staff, and Town Council to develop the conceptual plan and programming documents for the Town of Pineville’s Government Services. Working directly with with the end users of potential new facilities to develop an understanding of the current and future square foot space and land use needs unique by each Town Department.

Planning considerations included: Pineville’s existing Downtown Master Plan, Downtown Overlay District Codes and town property. The Town Departments were “test fit” in multiple locations in and around the downtown core. These test locations were then reviewed with Town Department Supervisors, key Town Department Personal and Fryday & Doyne to determine advantages and disadvantages for each department’s potential future location.

The results of this process yielded five Government Service Master Plan Options, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. From these studies, the Town of Pineville and the Town Council were able to make effective and informed decisions about the future department locations and their impact on the town of Pineville.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Project Type: Commercial Design

Construction Date: