Sustainability + Planning

our philosophy

The inevitable impacts of climate change will require architects to respond to changing conditions becomes more critically than ever. The built environment is perhaps the largest disruption to our ecosystem, as irresponsible building methods result in improperly disposed waste and other environmental travesties. We believe, and our practice has taught us, that architecture doesn’t have negatively impact the environment- instead, it can help to preserve it.

We believe that sustainability in our field begins with three imperatives: Resilience, Livability and Performance. One cannot supersede another, but instead all three must be embraced to achieve our goal of creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces.


Resilience begins with protecting our environment from the negative impacts of building construction, but also involves preparing for the imminent consequences of global climate change. Resilient infrastructure will be needed to withstand changing weather conditions while supporting larger numbers of people. By planning for the future, we reduce cost for our clients and the environment.


No matter the project, we as designers evaluate the design for user experience, and how the building will affect those who occupy it. Spaces that incorporate natural elements like light and fresh ventilation improve the experiential quality of the building. As urban areas continue to grow, reincorporating green space into cities and densely populated areas is one of the foundations of the DeepGreen approach.


Our commitment to our clients includes reducing cost where we can implement another solution. As new technologies emerge, we update our approach to include cost savings measures into the building design. Our buildings must not only perform functionally as spaces for activity, but they must also efficiently use resources like water and electricity in order to achieve long term sustainability.