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FD|integra Architecture is a professional architecture and design firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1997. The firm’s proprietary “DeepGreen” architectural and project management philosophy incorporates performance, livability, and resilience into every aspect of a project. The three principals of FD|integra have more than a century of combined experience in architecture, interior design, and engineering.


Our practice has taught us that architecture doesn’t have negatively impact the environment- instead, it can help to preserve it. We believe that sustainability in our field begins with three imperatives: Resilience, Livability and Performance. One cannot supersede another, but instead all three must be embraced to achieve our goal of creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces.


Resilience begins with protecting our environment from the negative impacts of building construction, but also involves preparing for the imminent consequences of global climate change. Resilient infrastructure will be needed to withstand changing weather conditions while supporting larger numbers of people. By planning for the future, we reduce cost for our clients and the environment.


No matter the project, we as designers evaluate the design for user experience, and how the building will affect those who occupy it. Spaces that incorporate natural elements like light and fresh ventilation improve the experiential quality of the building. As urban areas continue to grow, reincorporating green space into cities and densely populated areas is one of the foundations of the DeepGreen approach.


Our commitment to our clients includes reducing cost where we can implement another solution. As new technologies emerge, we update our approach to include cost savings measures into the building design. Our buildings must not only perform functionally as spaces for activity, but they must also efficiently use resources like water and electricity in order to achieve long term sustainability.

How We Work



Programming is the foundation of the project. To help you articulate wants, needs and expectations, we discuss the purpose of the building and who will be using it, as well as the types of spaces that will need to service the occupants of the building. The type of design we develop will be greatly influenced by the necessities that the client specifies at this beginning stage.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3


Concept Drawings

In this phase, considerations detailed in the program for your project are converted into drawings. We generate multiple ideas to help you visualize different site & building options and cost comparisons. We will also discuss the features of the site that will influence the building, as well as what design decisions should be made in response.


Design Development

Using the client chosen concept developed for the site and the building, all issues raised during programming, concepts, and schematic design are addressed and resolved during design development. Thought and careful study allow the architect and client to make final decisions based on a host of factors including cost, performance, appearance, and durability among others. During this phase the site plan and floor plans are fully resolved, and numerous detail issues are studied in order for decisions to be made. Elevations and other design issues are developed and addressed so the owner and architect are certain each has been the right decision.

Developed Site Plan
Construction Details


Construction Drawings

The final design and documentation phase involves the creation of the construction/bid documents by which contractors will price and build the project. These documents present the appropriate information, both drawn and written, that allows the contractor to proceed with the construction of the project. They also provide engineering information about the structure of the building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems information that allow the building to be powered, conditioned and operate in a manner intended by the owner.



Just as design is important to the conception of a project, so is construction administration to its successful completion. Because every contractor’s experience, and interpretation of the construction/bid documents can be different, our continued involvement is critical in providing clarification of design intent. We review shop drawings and keep track of the overall progress of the project as it pertains to the owner/contractor agreement. If there are conflicts, we have time-honored methods of resolving them. This phase effectively completes the design process by delivering the project we and the owner have designed.

Quality Policy

At FD|integra we are dedicated to Design and Project Management Services with a multidisciplinary team committed to transforming the ideas of our clients into successful projects. We seek to exceed expectations by applying our values ​​of excellence, commitment, teamwork, innovation, integrity and sustainability together with our culture of quality and continuous improvement, becoming regional leaders in our industries.

Our Clients


Commercial Design

FD|integra works with a variety of commercial clients on projects of many scales. Whether our clients need a brand new building, or an up fit to a current space, our top priority is delivering functional, livable and value added solutions.


Residential Design

Our residential expertise includes new home construction, interior design and renovations. No matter the scope of work, we begin by understanding our clients expectations and respond with a outstanding solution. Our attention to detail uniquely marks each of our clients homes while remaining cohesive with the surrounding community.



Planning for the future takes a unified vision and a collaborative effort. For planning projects, we look at the big picture to see how growth and development transforms communities. We respond to these conditions with large scale design decisions based on factors like vehicular and pedestrian traffic, or potential for expansion.

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